Vanessa Hill

Vanessa obtained a joint honours degree in Microbiology & Virology from the Uni. of Warwick and undertook her doctoral studies at Queen Mary College (Uni. of London).

Subsequently she has held several Post-Doctoral Research Fellowships investigating a range of Molecular Biological projects including: The construction of chimeric viral vaccines, Queen Elizabeth College; The cloning of, 'unclonable' DNA for the Human Genome Project, Imperial College and MRC, Cambridge University; Gene Therapy, Royal Holloway, Uni. of London.

Vanessa was also a Senior Scientist with the Biotech Company GeneSys Ltd and a founder member and Director of Research with Touchlight Genetics, a company set-up, based upon her own biotech related ideas.

Vanessa has over 25 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals and also holds 2 patents with 4 more waiting to be filed. In 2007 Vanessa and Peter shared the best paper award at CASYS V111.